About c2capital

Why we
created C2 Capital

With C2 Capital, we want to offer a unique and innovative model intended for all eCommercants who sell on marketplaces, which will allow them to get rid of traditional banks and their practices of another time, with the objective of financing their growth and be a player in their growth and profitability.

solution paiement negocier

Our mission

At C2 Capital, we want to create the most useful financial services to restore clarity and encourage the growth of eCommercants in Europe. We are responding to this problem with cutting-edge, ultra-connected technology, processing thousands of data and complex calculations, to give them access to accelerated funding and transparent information.

Our technology restores
clarity and transparency

clarity and transparency Do you sell on a marketplaces in France or abroad? Do you wait (too) long weeks before marketplaces pay you? We have sought to understand by going up the value chain and identifying the major payment players and we are delivering these secrets to you below.

technologie vente marketplace et e-commerce
Données marchés marketplaces

Heundreds of data collected and analyzed automatically

To make them legible for sellers as well as their orders.
To make them legible from our funding partners so that they can finance our eCommerchants.

Our values



We resolutely want to create new innovative financial solutions for eCommercers and bring them to the global level, while respecting local regulatory barriers. We will do it thanks to our teams and our


entrepreneurial spirit

We come from traditional B2B Commerce, have evolved into eCommerce, then towards financial solutions. What drives us is to always progress, and to propose more innovative solutions intended to solve simple problems.


The sharing

We seek excellence at all levels, for all trades. We evolve in an environment that allows us to grow, surpass ourselves, and become better day after day.