C2 Capital For Marketplace.

Expedited Payment Solution
Intended for merchants in your marketplace
To integrate into white label
Or own brand
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What is C2 Capital for Marketplace?

Offer an accelerated payment solution to your sellers.

C2 Capital provides its technology, its know-how, and its team Your Brand (Just Insert Your Logo) So that each Onboard Platform has its sellers To offer payment for their orders, the next day With a simple promise

Ship today and get paid tomorrow.

Capital Like what Shopify Capital or Square Capital does

Let Us Manage The Complex Parts.

For whom C2 Capital is intended?

For Marketplaces

Whether you are a B2B or B2C Marketplace, providing products or services, increases your income and that of your sellers.Create a unique experience, integrated into your universe, in the white-label or under the C2 Capital brand.

Advanced mining Traffic

CMS eCommerce, Marketplace Integrator, Accounting, and Financial Management Solutions, we have the solutions to create retention and build your ecosystem of financing benefits, as if you were offering it under your brand.

For eCommerce agencies

You support eCommercants in the creation or deployment of their eCommerce store or marketplace, integrate a new financing solution, and deploy it within your service ecosystem.r

For Non Banks and banks

Do you manage the cash flow of eCommercants? Integrate an Accelerated Payment solution into your global solutions to enrich your global offer, build your ecosystem, and increase your eCommerce revenue

What effect can you expect from it?

A rapid acceleration in the growth of your sellers

A salesperson receiving their payments every day achieves twice the growth rate of a salesperson receiving their payments on the usual due dates.

A meteoric increase in your income per Merchant

Growing merchant income has an immediate effect on Marketplace Commission Revenue.

Strong engagement from your salespeople

We have measured, that a seller receiving his payments every day increases the number of references sold, the depth of his stock and achieves twice the growth

Exploding Lifetime Value

A Seller receiving payments every day reduces your churn and increases the lifespan of your sellers on your platform. It contributes to the overall traction of your ecosystem of services

An acceleration in the number of sellers on your platform

Each seller arbitrates between the Forecast of sales concerning the speed ​​of rotation of his Cash. The faster its money turns, the more the marketplace will recruit new Sellers.

An exponential increase in overall supply

If your marketplace offers products, increasing the number of referrals from your paid sellers every day will enrich

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