How much will you collect ?

Orders are funded in 2 parts: The first part finances between 80% and 95% of the amount of the order, deducted from the Marketplace Commission and the C2 Capital Commission. The% is directly linked to your store’s performance and your history

I don’t have a registered office in France, am I eligible?

Currently, we offer services only in French markets. We plan to extend our offerings to the other market in the near future. For more information contact us at

How does C2 Capital track the orders?

Our SaaS Software has powerful tools which connects with Marketplace APIs and update the status of each order in realtime.

How long eligibility verification lasts?

Typically we will provide feedback on the eligibility of your profile and the commercial conditions that we offer you based on your performance data.The offer will be accompanied by a signed return commercial contract.You will receive a response within approximately

What is the eligibility criteria?

Our eligibility criteria is pretty straightforward Active Seller Account Minimum 6 months of sales history. Average Sales of 10,000 € per month. Registered office in France. To know more about our services email us at or schedule a meeting

What is C2 Capital?

C2 Capital is payment solution which allow seller to collect upto 80% of payments the D+2 after dispatch of your orders and insertion of a tracking number in the movement.