How is C2 capital paid ?

The role of C2 capital is to pay your orders in advance, and collect the amount of these receivables through the marketplace. This accelerated payment service is billed directly to your company in the form of a service commission, ranging from

Which orders are eligible for payment ?

Orders eligible for payment on D + 2 correspond to all orders dispatched with an active and moving tracking number, to J. Here are the marketplaces eligible for C2 Capital: For the moment the service is active on the following

Do I have to grant access to my marketplace account?

You need to input username and password into our software in the software. With our SaaS Software “C2soft” we will import the orders and other suitable information from the account.

Can I stop or pause service for one of the subscribed Marketplace?

Yes, you can pause or stop the service anytime. When you wish to stop, the monthly fee will not be refunded, and all the fund advanced need to be refunded by marketplace before stopping 100%. You can restart again anytime

Which marketplaces are eligible to C2 Capital ?

C2 Capital is eligible to more than 50 marketplace in Europe ! you can check the details within this page: https://c2capital.eu/sell-on-marketplace/

Can I choose the marketplaces I want to finance through C2 Capital?

Yes, you can start with just one marketplace in the beginning and increase the number of marketplaces as you go.